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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The train keeps chuggin'!

The 4th of July came and past. Always accomanied by such feelings as anxiety, stress, emotional overload.. and that is just me, not even Danny! So, holidays aside, we had a good therapy session today. We also are starting therapy with a child psych as recomended by the occupational therapist. Danny is exhibiting early signs of OCD, and if we can get him into a psychologist then we can hopefully get it under control before it becomes an out of control disease. Appearantley it is nuerological, seperate from the behaviral and socio-emotional that he already contends with. Therapy and/or meds I was told today is how they will help him. I am trying to avoid meds if at all possable. He is already on 1 for acid reflux, and I hope we can keep it that way.
On another more poosative note today was a productive day. I have found an outpatient program for him, an art therapy program and a school outreach program, all of which we can really use the servces of. I have calls into other organizations and am waiting to see what next weeks holds.
I remain commited to the fact that I am his advcate. I do all the leg work and folow it through for services. Without that effort, where would he be? I can not help but think, a mom works hard, but a mom of a special needs childs busts her ass!

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