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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reactive Airway Disease

Oh what a week! And it is only Wednesday. My mind is running a million miles an hour, my world even faster, and yet here I sit. Last week Danny bgan having trouble breathing. At first we thought it was an allergic reaction to medicine, then allergies, but on Sunday when we landed ourselves in the ER, we were told he has Reactive Airway Disease and asthma. From there he was given a steroid to help him breathe and strengthen his lungs and an anti nausea med because he had been throwing up for 3 days straight whenever he went into one of his coughing/wheezing fits that were lasting upwards of an hour every few hours. We were told he would get better immidiatley and sent home. The next morning, same thing, so off we went to the pediatricians office and he got an inhalerand said today it will be better. Monday night I ended up sleeping in his bed with him sleeping sitting up in front of me so every time he began to wheezde cough and chooke I could wake him up and prop him into the trow up bowl now attached to his hip. Tuesday morning, was worse, not better. I called and got a nurse on the phone and let her listen to what was happening. Danny could not even get his breathe enough to speak into the phone and then I demanded that there had to be something else we could do for him. We took him in and they seen him right away vs. the loong waiting room which a child like him has no patience for. Still nothing was coming up on the chest xray and his airways were slear and he had no other symptoms. We were given a nebulizer (a breathing machine that administers medicine into the lungs) and 2 other meds and told if this does not work then we have 48 before they are checking him into the children's hospital  because they are stumped. While we are not better after 24 hours he is breathing and when he goes into one of his choking wheezing things I can get it to stop with the nebulizer. I hope tomorow is a little better. The poor kid has had more than a few meltdowns because he has spent the past 3 days being poked and proded at the hospital and he is so irritated by everything, more than usual. I am told it is the steroid they gave him. And his anxiety level is much higher given that he gets scared and upset from the attacks and from having to use the nebulizer. But, we are working through this, as we do everything else.
The pressure has changed from getting him to function, just to getting him to breathe......

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