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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Do you like the color blue? Most ppl like the color. Well, Danny loves the color blue. So much so that most his shirts are blue, any time he is in a room with chairs or toys or anything that has the color blue he insists on touching or using the "blue one". Once when he was 3 he colored our entire kichen and dining room floors blue with a single blue crayon, and last year in class he painted the kindergaten classroom floor blue when the teacher was out of the room speaking to another teacher. And this morning he reminded me again how much he loves blue. As I contended with bill collectors on the phone, I turned to see that he had gotten into the paints and painted his hands and arms blue and then his favorite toy blue and the table and his chew tube blue as well much to my surprise and not to his of course! But, this is after all why I only by washable non toxic paint for him. So after I cleaned my blue kitchen and child up and restored them back to their normal colors he was off to check his strawberry plants for fresh red delicious treats that he enjoys so very much. After finding only one new ripe treat he was quickly rerouted to barking at his sister. As I explained to him that only mean dogs bark, growl and bite, and that this mom does not tolerate mean dogs in her house he decided he would rather be a bee and buzzed downstairs with his shovel to dig in the dirt and collect pollen as he calls it by picking all the leaves and flower petals off the neighbors plants outside. You should see what the poor bush looks like! But she is the sweetest litle lady who I explained my sons needs to after I felt bad for the big dirt mounds he left all over her sidewalk a few weeks ago, and she informed me that she could care less and we do not all come in a pregift wrapped box with a big red bow. I love old ppl's analogies sometimes! Appearantley she lost her son when he was 23 to a drunk driver and since he was her only child, she has a soft spot for pretty blue eyed boys, so lucky Danny. Even though I hate going down and refilling his holes once he goes inside in the evenings with, of course, a blue shovel.

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